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      Lot 03 - Hydro Mechanical Equipment

The Upper Kotmale Hydropower Project will be implemented through five separate contracts comprising of Lots 1 to 5. Lot 3 Contract, Hydro mechanical Equipment, of Upper Kotmale Hydropower Project is scheduled to be contracted according to the International Competitive Bidding (ICB) turnkey contract. But shall be limited to the Japanese contractors, according to the loan agreement with JBIC, to Design, Supply, Erection and Commission the list of equipment mentioned under the Scope of Work and accounts for about 6.4% of the total project cost.

Lot 3- Scope of Works:

Main Dam and Intake at Talawekele

1. Five (5) sets of Spillway Radial Gates and Hoists
(one with a auxiliary flap on the top) for 10m wide by 12m high dam openings to control the flood and to maintain the reservoir water level at 1194 msl.

2. One (1) set of Stoplog
for a 10m wide by 12m high dam opening for the maintenance of above Gates.

3. One (1) set of Sand Flushing Radial Gate and stoplog
with Hoist for a 5.5m wide by 5.5m high opening for sediment discharge and a stoplog for this.

4. One (1) set of Fixed Wheel Intake Gate and stoplog
with a Hoist for a 4.5m wide by 8.8m high Tunnel opening at the entrance of the Headrace Tunnel.

5. Three (3) sets of Trashracks
for each of 6.5m wide by 10m high openings and one (1) set of Raking and Grabbing Equipment for the cleaning and removing of trash, debris and logs trapped in front of the water entrance to the tunnel.

6. All associated Electrical, Hydraulic and Control equipment for above.

Diversion Waterway and Power Station

The penstock is located at the end of the tunnel and is facilitated to direct the water into the Power station. This consists of:

1. One (1) lane Embedded Tunnel Steel Liner of 4.300 m in diameter by 100.00 m in length with One (1) Tee (T) branch and Surge Tank Steel Liner of 12.0m in diameter by 44.0m in height and One lane Tunnel Drain Pipeline of 1.5m diameter by 10.0m in length

2. One (1) lane Embedded Steel Penstock of 4.300 to 3.200 m in diameter by 729.29m in length with one (1) Y type Bifurcator and two (2) lanes of Branch Pipes 2.1m to 1.45m in diameter by 36.06m in each branch length

3. Two (2) sets of vertical lift slide type Draft Tube Gates each of 2.5m span by 3.0m height in the Draft Tube, with Hoisting Equipment

4. One (1) set of Tailrace Stoplog of 4.0m span by 4.5m height at the end of the Tailrace Tunnel.

Discharge Facility for St. Clair’s Water Fall

Unlike in other Hydropower Power projects implemented in Sri Lanka, very special attention was made to maintain the water release requirement for the St. Clair’s Water Fall, as it was ordered by Government Extraordinary

1. St. Clair Falls. – In order to maintain a continuous flow over the waterfall, a total volume of 47,250m of water shall be released, per day, for ten (10) half hour periods, daily between sunrise and sunset

Therefore to accommodate above requirement following equipment shall be installed:

For St. Clair’s

One (1) lane of steel conduit of 1.2m to 0.8m in diameter by 48.00m approximate length , One (1) set of Guard Gate and Control Jet flow gate both of 800mm in Diameter.
All associated Electrical, Hydraulic and Control equipment for above.

Construction and Procurement schedule

The contract period spans approximately for a period of 45 months (3yrs and 9 months). It is expected that the Lot 3 works would commence by mid of 2007 and complete in the first quarter of 2011.

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